Nicole is a passionate and hard-working real estate agent in the Raleigh, North Carolina area, who always provides her clients with results and loves to help them turn their dreams into realty. 

Nicole Brown-Hardy is a Realtor
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Nicole says, “I’ve always been praised for my ability to listen and understand needs, to work hard and deliver as promised, for being responsive and trustworthy, and for paying attention to the details.”

With a track record of success in business combined with her love of the area, her passion for real estate, and her desire to help people in their lifestyle transition, Nicole is passionate and motivated to help you with your real estate needs. She wants to be your Realtor For Life, pledges to treat you like family, and is there to support you “beyond the sale.”

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Nicole Brown-Hardy is a Realtor® who fights for you and gets it done! She does not shy away from a challenge and wants everyone to achieve their dreams and get the house that crosses everything off the “must-have” list! From pre-approval to after the sale, Nicole is your Realtor® for life!

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